Aurangabad is the historical city. This City was established by Mugul King Aurangazeb. After King Aurangazeb died, it was under the rule of Nizam of Hyderabad before Independence. Aurangabad City was a place of the Great gandhian follower like Govidbhai Sharof, Swami Ramanad Treeth. They fight against Nizam rule under Marathawada Mukti Andolan. Nizam’s rule was abolished by police action by Govt. of India. After Independence policy of state reformation was adopted. States were created on the basis of language. Marathwada region under Nizam was of Marathi speaking people included in Maharashtra.

In Aurangabad Zone huge Industrial Sector has been grown rapidly. In the emerging stage of this historical City our Institution was established in Samarth nagar area Aurangabad in 1962. Head office of the Institution have established in Pune and another branch office in Nagpur city of Maharashtra State.

Welcome to MGSN Aurangabad Branch