Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (MGS Nidhi) works with Gandhian Ideology and principles. In the beginning MGS Nidhi had given emphasis on the problems which were pertinent at that time like Bhangi Mukti (Bhangi is a caste whose work was cleaning latrines, sweeping, and scavenging which sometimes involves handling dead bodies). Village Cleanliness, National Integration, etc. were on priority. In many districts of Maharashtra ‘Gandhi Tatva Prachar Kendras’ were started which propagates Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology. Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (MGS Nidhi) had utilized it’s fund to help many other social sisterly organizations like Kasturba Library (Alandi), Kasturba trust (Saswad), Maharashtra Sarvoday Mandal, Gopuri Ashram (Vagade), Sevagram Ashram (Wardha), Pune Girls Blind school. MGS Nidhi had also helped victims of Panshet Dam Burst and flood.

President Dr. Kumar Saptarshi

Dr. Kumar Saptarshi took over responsibility as the third President of MGS Nidhi on 16 December 2006. He had been working as a Secretary earlier. Dr. Saptarshi, a former MLA from Ahmednagar, has worked with stalwarts like Jai Prakash Narayan and incessantly worked for social reconstruction.

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Secretary Shri. Anwar Rajan
Shri. Anwar Rajan, active in social and political field since 1973, was in Jail during emergency ( 1975 – 1977 ) for 15 months. Completed his graduation through Yervada jail. Invited by various vyakhyan mala, colleges and other organization for lecture. for last five years visiting lecturer for Maharashtra Intelligence academy, Pune.
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