Pune Main Branch

Aurangabad Branch

Nagpur Branch

 Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (MGSN)

  Head office :  Pune 

  Branches : Aurangabad,  Nagpur


MGSN is a public charitable trust registered under Jt.Charity Commisioner, pune . Institution was founded immediately after assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. In the beginning it was in the form of registered society which had All India jurisdiction. Trusts were formed in each state afterward. One trust in one state of India which would manage all the affairs of various Institutions founded after the demise of Mahatma Gandhi. It was expected that these newly formed  trusts would shoulder the responsibility of guarding properties of Gandhian Institutes and ensure efficient working under one umbrella. Aims and objects of the every provincial trust was to propagate Gandhian thoughts and values in the society at large in that particular State. MGSN has head office in Pune which is very active. Branches of the MGSN are active in Nagpur and Aurangabad cities. A branch office of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi was founded in Maharashtra by Mamasaheb  devgirikar who was  the president of Maharashtra Congress at that time. He resigned from congress party and became president of State branch of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi which was founded immediately after assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.He devoted his life to this Institution by remaining bachelor throughout his life. After policy of decentralization he became president of newly formed Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Nidhi i.e MGSN. Institute works through collaborative partnership with Government and Non-government institutions to promote national unity and international peace by cherishing Gandhian principals. Institution believes in continuous need for introducing Gandhian values and ethics in the society at large and especially in youth with innovative ways keeping in mind their growing global acceptance. Institution is actively involved in disseminating literature written by Mahatma Gandhiji himself and other writers who wrote about him. MGSN has contributed in educating, promoting and executing the sanitation and biogas production programs in Maharashtra. Building of toilets in rural area was priority of MGSN. It also takes initiative in the area of child development and women empowerment, prohibition of liquor alcohol and other narcotic drugs, promotion of small scale industries and in renewable and alternative energy. We are committed to invigorate Mahatma Gandhiji’s thoughts on the basis of non -violence, secularism and Satyagraha. MGSN aims at creation of  society which is more peaceful and more sustainable.  MGSN aims at keeping Gandhiji alive in spirit. In turbulent times in the nation and the world he is needed most urgently

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