Aims & Objectives

The Institution works on the basis of the following constructive programmes of nation building, laid down by Mahatma Gandhi:-

  • Promoting National integration.

  • Working for  International peace.

  • Upholding communal and social harmony in society.

  • Eradicating caste system in India.

  • Providing gainful employment to the youth.

  • Encouraging cleanliness and public health.

  • Insisting on the prohibition of alcohol and narcotics.

  • Promoting Khadi, handicrafts and village industries. 

  • Propagating ‘Nai Talim’ i.e. a life-educational philosophy by blending the physical work with education.

  • Working for welfare of Children.

  • Bringing  social and economic equality and equal opportunities to the downtrodden sections of our society.
  • Promoting Naturopathy.
  • Creating the Museum for exhibition of photographs, portraits, paintings, records, films books, articles which are connected with Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Protecting various historical places, monuments and institutes, associated with  Ganhiji’s work.  15.Encouraging educational programs and research projects on Gandhian Studies.
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