Gandhi Sahitya Bhandar:

Institution has started exhibition and sale of literature by and on Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave through Gandhi Sahitya Bhandar. MGSN has published more than 25 books on Gandhian literature in Marathi with reasonable price.

Khadi and Gramodhyog Bhandar

MGSN started this activity on date 2 oct 2020 at Nagpur Branch office. The Khadi and Gramodhyog products placed for sell.


MGSN has its own publication from beginning of this institution. MGSN published Gandhian literature in Marathi. The publication house published nearly 43 books on various subjects which are available for sale.

Mini Theatre:

Mini theatre equipped with LED and Projector (Mini Theatre System), where Movies on Mahatma Gandhi screened. MGSN has collection of CDs, DVD’s and films on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The main purpose of this project is to highlight the life of Mahatma Gandhi and to spread his ideology. MGSN possess CD’s and DVD’s related to social issue. Efforts are being made to popularize these films to every section of the society.

Eco-sanitation (Gramsafai)

From the beginning, this institution runs eco-sanitation activity. Earlier this activity was known as Bhangi Mukti Yojana. In the year 2011 MGSN renamed this activity as ‘Eco-Sanitation’. The historical background of this activity started with first president of MGSN-Mamasaheb Deogirikar, who was inspired by Gandhian Principle of cleanliness. Further Appasaheb Patwardhan (Konkan Gandhi) agreed to hand over his continued activity to MGSN with long experience, expertise and skilled supervisors. Then Research and developmental activity of rural toilets at affordable cost has begun and Deogirikar started to build toilets in rural areas of Maharashtra. MGSN organizes Awareness campaign, workshop, training programs under Eco-sanitation to create inclusive society.

MGSN worked on various project like efficiency and smokeless chulha, solar cooker, biogas system and safai exhibition. As KRC (district level) MGSN worked on Jal-swaraj Mission II, Saint Gadage baba Gram Swachata Abhiyaan and Nirmal Gram( Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan) Project.

Earth care private limited runs project of decomposition of wastes and produce fertilizer. MGSN provides 3000 Sq.ft area to run this project.


MGSN Started this activity dated on 2 oct 2020 at Branch office Nagpur with 11 beds and other naturopathy equipments.

Industrial Estate:

City like Pune experiencing healthy Industrial sector growth and therein our institution MGSN got recognition as Small-scale industrial estate having 25 small industries. MGSN promote small scale industries. MGSN industrial estate has legacy of 35 years which was established at Kothrud in Pune in 1985.

Shanti Dal (Communal Harmony and Disaster Management)

India has history of communal violence, riots and such violence was based on the conflict of caste, religion and disparities in the society. Further these conflicts and hate campaign damaged peace and harmony of the society. The huge damage to the peace and harmony in the society compelled MGSN to work on this issue. In order to this, MGSN initiated an activity with the name Shanti Dal. It is working to create army of common people which will work for permanent peace and harmony in the Society. For this cause MGSN do research, organises workshop, recruit volunteers. MGSN has worked successfully on such sensitive issues. For ex: Under leadership of Dr. Kumar Saptarshi, the Muslim Community could erect Makkesha Masjid which was denied from last fifty years. Because of this Muslim community in Pune is emotionally attached to MGSN. They believed that follower of Gandhiji will always take firm stand for justice and fight for that. This faith enriches us and our institutions.

  • Cycle World Tour:

MGSN sponsored Cycle World Tour to spread Gandhian Philosophy and Thoughts. Under this activity one volunteer travelling across the world and spreading Gandhian Values.

  • Peace Rally:

The road to a nuclear-weapons free world requires to take the initiative to lead peaceful society.

  • Roja Iftaar:

Roja Iftaar was organized by the MGSN for communal hormony and national integrity.

  • Flood Relief

In 2019 MGSN provided basic amenities to people who get rescued from flood prone area at Sangali, Satara, Kolhapur and to Raighad in 2020.

  • Help during Covid-19 Lockdown

During Covid-19 Lockdown period MGSN distributed food grains in Pune city to needy. Besides gave financial aid to scholar student.


MGSN started this activity on 15th Nov 1967 with the name of Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Granthalaya va vachanalaya  in Gandhi Bhavan. This library is one the popular library in Pune City. Approximately one hundred people visit this library and reading hall daily. Along with books many Marathi and English bi-monthly- weekly magazine; Marathi, English and Hindi newspapers are available. As well as for Gandhian literature a separate section has been developed. Nearly 3000 books on Gandhiji and his thoughts in different languages are available on the topic. Library is working with E-devices with its own software developed for daily digital working. Its branch is working in Narayanpeth, Pune. From 2012 a separate study room section has been developed.

At Nagpur MGSN started library named- Rajmata Jijabai Vachnalay va Granthalaya.

Study Room:

MGSN runs this activity from 2012 Head office at Pune and Branch office at Nagpur. Many college student and competitive exam aspirant demanded study room so management committee decided to establish one study room and provide this facility to students. Now, 100 students takes benefit of  this study room.


It is collection of comprehensive picture gallery so as to generate enough curiosity and enthusiasm about Mahatma Gandhi among new generation. It will have to display of Gandhiji’s portraits, paintings, documents and photographs.

Charkha Mandir

MGSN established Charkha Mandir at Branch office Nagpur where various types of Charkhas are there as well as one can learn to spin over there.

Learning Home

MGSN run this activity with Grammangal institution since Dec 2019. Teaching way based on methods of  Gandhian ‘Nai Talim’ philosophy.

Play School:

MGSN run this activity at Branch office Nagpur since 2015 which inaugurated by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. (Padmashree Awardee). There are Kinder garden, Pre-primary classes and Mini-auditorium for children under this activity. About 1500 sq.ft area is used for this activity.

Boys Hostel:

MGSN runs a boys hostel named as ‘Mahatma Gandhi Hostel’ for poor and needy students who wish to pursue Higher education in Aurangabad city. MGSN provide accommodation on reasonable charges.

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